Saturday, February 9, 2013

Choosing Your Family Health Insurance Plan

Every individual should take care of purchasing a beneficial and affordable health insurance plan not only for him but for the entire family together. Due to the rising health care costs, it would really be difficult for the individual to manage all health related expenses from his personal pocket as they cost too high.

For example, hospitalization charges can cost around $5000 in California where health care costs are skyrocketing. Similarly heart surgeries, medical evacuation during emergencies are too expensive and cost approximately $100,000. If this kind of an expense has to be completely born by an individual, it may really put him in high financial stress.

Even if such serious health complications do not arise, injuries, accidents, routine physical examinations, immunizations, doctor consultation charges, prescription drugs in the case of easily curable illnesses can be very expensive, especially for an entire family.

By purchasing a family health insurance plan, you can take of the health care needs for the entire family. This includes in-patient and out-patient surgeries, hospitalization, medical tests and procedures carried out for diagnosing, consultation charges of the medical experts, expenses for medications, routine check-ups, special check-ups, vaccines and immunizations, yearly physical examination and tests, rehabilitation, maternity and pediatric care, x-ray and blood tests, and various other medical coverage.

There are various health insurance plans to choose from. HMO plans, also called Health Maintenance Organization, reimburse the expenses incurred due to the visits to a primary care expert. If he refers to a specialist, even those expenses can be claimed. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans allow you to visit any medical expert, clinic, or hospital which has a tie-up with the insurance provider. Point of Service plan, also called POS, covers more benefits but the out-of-pocket expenses are higher in case you choose to consult outside this plan. Health Savings Account (HAS) plans offer very extensive coverage right from cosmetic procedures, dental surgeries, eyeglasses, alternative medicines and over-the-counter drugs. Fee-For-Service health insurance plans are versatile and convenient for frequent travellers though they are more expensive than many other health insurance plans. You have the flexibility to choose any health care provider without worrying about a network.

You can research on the internet for various family health insurance plans and compare free quotes that you obtain instantly over mail. Ensure that the insurance provider is reputed, financially stable, customer friendly and processes claims very fast. The provider should offer emergency assistance all days throughout the year. Do read the user reviews on various products and services offered by the providers.

It is better to buy a family health insurance policy as early as possible since any pre-existing illnesses, injuries, diseases or other medical abnormalities at the time of applying for the plan may not be covered. In addition, every insurance buyer should read the exclusion section of the policy document. This lists those circumstances under which the insured cannot claim back expenses. For example, expenses incurred due to substance abuse or alcohol addiction, self-inflicted injuries, accidents due to drunken driving are not covered under health insurance plans.

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