Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best Aftershaves Around

Seeking to find the best aftershave for your needs is possibly as hard as trying to pick up the correct car to buy; with a small difference of course: if you mess up, you just loose a 2-digit dollar amount, not a whole fortune! This certainly doesn't imply that you shouldn't be careful about what aftershave to pick. In order to help you we have compiled a list with some of the finest aftershaves on the market.

A very common aftershave is the 'Nivea for Men After Shave Balm Fresh Cooling'. This aftershave is enriched with Menthol and Vitamins. It gently refreshes, soothes and conditions the skin right after you have been shaved. It contains a non greasy balm witch can be absorbed very easily in your skin. As a result, your skin is left revitalized, supple and smooth. Finally, the balm helps protect your face's skin against inflammations or irritations. This aftershave is possibly one of the cheapest and simultaneously most effective ones.

Another very popular aftershave is the Gillette after shave gel. Apart from all the common characteristics among aftershaves, this particular one boasts a really cheap price and a very refreshing and cool experience on your skin!

Jumping on the category of aftershaves that have designer names on them we will find a pretty popular aftershave by Hugo BOSS. This is a 3.4 oz aftershave balm with a pretty attracting perfume. Although the price is composed of a 2 digit number, it is quite affordable considering it's an aftershave with a fashion designers name on it.

The next fashion - house aftershave is 'Calvin Klein - escape'. Coming from one of the worlds leading fashion houses this particular aftershave has a very distinct perfume. Regarding the price, contrary to what you might have thought a first this is not a very expensive aftershave. Of course, its price is nowhere close to the Nivea or the Gillette above in the list but then again, that's why it boasts a very unique perfume.

Along the same lines as 'escape' come a few aftershaves by Giorgio Armani, Gucci and other major fashion houses . The perfumes of course are very distinct too and the prices are very close to each other.

The truth is that there are more than 200 aftershaves available on the market and as you can easily see it's way too hard to have a complete image of what's worth it and what's not. In most of the cases you should simply stick with what serves you best.

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