Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 Tips On How To Get That Girl

1. Recognize and utilize your strengths
Everyone has a special skill, whether it is humor, conversational ability, or athletic prowess. Think about your number one strength and incorporate it into your dating. What you look like is not of supreme importance.

2. Get Help

If you are not confidant, and need to get help, then utilize your friends. Choose one that you think is successful, and ask for some tips. Some people find the socialising scene easier than others'. If you are having real trouble try asking a girl who is a friend to go out on a practise date. Then ask her what went wrong. ?

3. Remember that social and dating skills are not learnt in a classroom

Practise your skills regarding interaction with other people. Try not to brag all the time and listen to others. Try and bring out the best in others and make them warm to your personality.

4. Being Responsive to the needs of others is not weakness

You are not a wimp if you are aware of the times when other people need your support. We have come a long way since Men dragged women off by their hair to a cave. In a complex world girls need more than physical protection, and the provision, of the odd beast to eat, they do have emotional needs as well.

5. Learn the art of asking meaningful questions

Many men mix up the difference between a statement and a question, yet the difference is very basic and grasping the options that you can give the girls is a way to improving your relationships. Some men understand the difference for instance "whew it sure is hot, is a statement you are stating a fact and gives someone else little to reply to. How hot is this, aren't you hot? is a question asking for a response.

I have often listened to young men and wonder how they can get it wrong? They fire a series of questions off so fast, it is like being interrogated.

Ask a question, and then give a short answer, that's interesting, and then maybe follow it up with "Why do you feel like that?" Learn to incorporate the questions into smooth conversation.

6. Understand that you must take risks

Find the little things that you think are romantic, and act on them. This is fairly hard for some men, they are taught that real men don't express their feelings, you will appear weak if you do so. To be self-expressive you must be able to express your feelings. It may all go horribly wrong and you may hurt someone but the more you practise the easier it becomes.

7. Be Unpredictable

Don't always do what you think women expect. A bunch of flowers is nice but too often is 'old hat' these days. Think of something different to do that will be fun for both of you. This does not need to be expensive, a candle lit dinner is wonderful, but there are other ways of doing something different. Women love dancing, and if you can't afford to go out dancing play some romantic music at home, and relax.

8. Cook her a meal

How special does a woman feel when her guy has gone to the trouble to shop, and prepare food for her. It does not have to be a five course gourmet dinner. Start with something simple like a salad, and even if you can't cook, practise one main course. Women think this is very romantic, and are quite likely to be bowled over by the gesture. Even if it does not taste that great, she will appreciate the thought.

9. Be aware of the girl's body language

Body language is quite complex, but some things are easy. Practise on your friends. You should be able to recognize what sort of a general mood someone is in by the way that they hold themselves. Look at how relaxed people are looking when they laugh, they look as though they have not a care in the world. In contrast when people are holding themselves together, they look tense, and strung up. How many times have you seen a girl out and she is yawning, which is a sure sign she is bored, but on top of that she is giving men the brush off. Learn to read body language, and give yourself a fighting chance of success.

10. Never under estimate the power of a sense of humor

Women are real suckers for men that make them laugh. Laughter reduces tension and makes them feel more relaxed. It takes some of the stress out of getting to know someone. Even if it means telling little stories against yourself. By this I do not mean put yourself down, but tell a story when something you did backfired on you in a funny way.

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